Glamsplainin' the FANGs.


No, it's not Halloween. Dude, that's like four months away!


Today, we are talking about the four hottest and most fabulous technology stocks in the market, known to their followers as the FANGS: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google ...otherwise known as a pretty decent Sunday night! Though they have had some volatility recently, in 2017 these stocks were killin’ it like Beyonce at Coachella.

The FANGS are listed on the NASDAQ (an electronic stock exchange and an index of growth and tech stocks) and included in the S&P 500 , which is an index of 505 of the largest stocks on the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) and the NASDAQ. The S&P is considered to be a representation of the U.S. stock market. Each stock in the S&P is ranked and the FANGS are ranked 3 rd , 4 th , 9 th , 10 th , and 57 th (Google has two rankings because they have two different share classes (one who’s owners can vote (GOOGL) and another whose owners can’t(GOOG)).

Like a Kardashian on Instagram, the high ranking of the FANG stocks on the S&P gives them more influence on the value of the index then other Instagram models. So, when they move, the market flows accordingly.

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