No, we are not talking about the water Daenerys Targaryen has to cross to storm castles in her quest for the throne. The moat we are talking about is an economic moat. Our biggest investor-crush, Warren Buffet, made the term part of his investing mantra and basically believes that one of the most important factors in selecting a successful investment is the company’s competitive advantage or “moat.” A moat can be created in a number of ways including brand recognition, size advantage, patents, brands, or ensuring high switching costs to a competitor.

We like to call moat, the Kardashian factor. While there are many social media influencers out there, there will only ever be one Kim, Khloe', Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie. They have the perfect combination of glam and gloss (and booty), that causes things to go viral in a way that is uniquely K.

Conveniently, moat is a trackable metric. You can look up a company’s moat rating on to see if it’s Instagram follow worthy.

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