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This movie confirms what Savvies already know: Our Asian friends love their lux as much as we do...maybe a little more. In fact, we think the entire Lux List may be represented in Crazy Rich Asians so check it out in theaters if you need a quick glam fix.

In its second weekend at the box office, the ultra-glam, Crazy Rich Asians has generated $76.8 million for Warner Brothers in North America alone. It is the first film in 25 years with Asian-Americans in leading roles backed by a major Hollywood studio. Time magazine, in their interview with lead, Constance Wu (we love her in Fresh off the Boat ) says “It is going to change Hollywood.”

The success of the film and the Netflix original movie To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before (featuring the super adorable Lana Condor) proves how much we love seeing our fabulous Asian sisters on the big and small screen. We hope Hollywood is listening this time and doesn’t make us wait another 25 before we’re dazzled by these talented actresses again.

You can see Crazy Rich Asians or get a monthly Netflix subscription for about $13 and $10 respectively. Netflix stock can be yours for $358.82 as of Friday's close and you can buy shares in Warner Brother’s parent company,AT&T (T) for about $32.64.


Crazy Rich Asians wasn’t the only thing breaking barriers last week. Stocks got into formation and slayed like Beyoncé on the September cover of Vogue to record highs for the first time since January. The S&P closed up .9%, the NASDAQ was up 1.7% and the DOW was up .5%. But the biggest news is that we are officially in the longest bull market of all time.

Let’s take a look at why this is so epic.


Stocks posted their largest gains on Friday. The S&P is now up 7% year-to-date and has hit 2,875. We are now in the largest bull market in history and stocks have done this in the midst of unexpected election results, extreme trade tensions, fear of rising interest rates and a multitude of other factors. Wall Street nerds are like proud parents watching their kid walk across the stage at graduation.

Our current bull market has lasted 3,450 days and has provided a total return of 418% since it started its journey on March 9, 2009. It has been able to achieve these milestones due to a strong economy. Corporate earnings have been robust and are up 25%.

Consumer discretionary spending is definitely pullin’ its weight as it rose 2%, posting the second-biggest gains of the S&P 500’s 11 groups. To glamsplain, we’ve got a little more money in our pockets and we’ve been shoppin’...and the earnings reports have been rollin’ in:

But not everything this week was coming up rosé...

Alibaba released earnings last Thursday and the stock closed down 3.2% after the lack luster news. The Chinese e-commerce company is definitely reppin’ Icon status complete with a Chris Brown and Meek Mill serenade of “All Eyes on You.”  All of the China/U.S. drama has investors looking at mega companies like Alibaba to see how they are fairing as an indicator of what may come if the two countries don’t get their stuff together.

Lowered expectations took some shine off the sector with the GAP apparently falling into a gap of disappointing results . The stock spiraled down 8.6% to $29.65 on Friday. Victoria revealed her Secret and it wasn’t so cute. Shares of its parent company L Brands (Also owning Bath & Body Works and Henri Bendel ) tumbled down 2.2%, to $27.62.

PBDs (Pretty Big Deals)

  • Uber - IPO ALERT- In preparation for its upcoming IPO in 2019, the company named a CFO on Tuesday. Nelson Chai, former CEO of insurance company, Warranty Group, will steer the ride share service into IPO waters.

  • China/U.S. Trade Drama - Last week both countries imposed tariffs on an additional $16 billion of each other’s imports, for a total of $50 billion in tariffs.  

  • Tesla (TSLA) - Some Tesla’s (TSLA) suppliers are worried they might not be getting paid. The lux car maker’s cash position has suppliers worried they might not be good for it.

  • Bitcoin - The SEC said “not so fast” and has rejected 9 proposed Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

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