Glamsplainin' the Bulls and Bears


If you turn on CNBC or Bloomberg there’s always quite a bit of talk about animals. Bulls and bears specifically. A bull market is when the stock market is going  All The Way Up   like Fat Joe and Remy Ma. A bull market occurs when stocks are basically singing, in their Mary J. Blige voice, I'm going down, I'm going down. 

Wait, why are we talking about livestock?

Do you remember the last time you were in the woods and a bear tried to attack you? Neither do we but take it from us, a bear strikes down when it attacks. That’s why a down market is called a bear. When the market is going up, its called a bull because when bulls attack, they strike up. In fact, a bull market is when the stock market rises 20% from a prior low. We are currently in the second longest bull market in history. This market has been telling us (in its La Roux voice) “this time baby, I’ll be bulletproof.” It’s been through wars, hurricanes, terrorism, a European debt crisis, threats of nuclear war and of course, fear.

Wall Street nerds are wondering how long this party can actually last. We feel pretty confident that we have some more time before the lights come on in the club.

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